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Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2016
April 24th – 30th

Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2011

July 11th – 16th
One of my paintings will be included in this group exhibition at Tokyo Kotsukaikan Gallery in Yurakucho.

International Fantastic Art Association
Tokyo Kotsukaikan Gallery 2F
Yurakucho 2-10-1, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0006

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May 2011 – Tomodachi Calling is a charity web-shop dedicated to helping people affected by the recent Tohoku disaster in Japan. They are now producing t-shirts and other merchandise featuring my Papilio Ulysses butterfly painting. 100% of the profits are being donated to the Japanese Red Cross. They have lots of other artists too (including Robert Crumb!)

Check out their site and buy some stuff!

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The Light Gleams an Instant exhibited at Aoki Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, January 2011

The next IFAA group exhibition ‘OBLIQUE’, January 17th- 30th 2011, at Aoki Gallery, Ginza. (Please note, my work will be exhibited from January 24th to 30th only.)

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The Economy of Pain exhibited at Yasashii Yokan Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo, May 2010.

The Economy of Pain
“Until the beginning of the modern period, Western art was largely preoccupied with imagery for its own sake, or with religious iconography.  Jones is concerned with the latter tradition insofar as his concern is the absence of belief. This composition – a standing figure, cradling a disembodied head – harks back to the essentially optimistic iconography of both the Christian and Jewish traditions. Yet whereas the infant (or slain) Jesus in the arms of Mary suggests the promise of miracles to come, and the decapitated head of Holofernes in the arms of Judith represents the final victory over evil, this Janus Head, with its opposing faces of otherworldly optimism and mindless destruction, represents the futility of any such belief system. For Jones there are no miracles to come, and the sacrifices of blood and pain paid up for the final victory over decay and disorder have been for nothing.”

G.T. Roche

ザ エコノミー オヴ ペイン
近代初頭まで、西洋美術のほとんどはイメージ自体又は宗教的図像に終始した。ジョーンズは後者に関心を持っているが、彼の関心は信仰心によるものではない。 この構図―肉体のない頭を両手で抱きながら立つ姿―はキリスト教とユダヤ教、両宗派の本来の楽観的図像を思わせる。しかしそれに反して、聖母マリアの腕に抱かれる赤ん坊の(又は殺された)キリストは奇跡到来の約束を暗示し、ユディトの腕の中にあるホロフェルネスの切断された頭は、悪に対する究極の勝利を象徴している。空想の世界の楽観と無益な破壊の相反する側面を持つ、このヤヌスの首は、そのような信仰体系の徒労を象徴する。ジョーンズにとっては、奇跡の到来などなく、衰退と混乱に対する究極の勝利のために支払った、血と痛みの犠牲は無駄なものでしかないのである


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April 2010 some work now included on the Museum Of Weird Art (MOWA) website.

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The Key of Joy exhibited at Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree Gallery, Paris, in October 2009. The frame (wood, gold leaf, mirrors, glass) was constructed with the generous assistance of Steve Poole of Sagamiko.

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The Key of Joy appearing on the cover of ‘Modern Satanism: Anatomy of a Radical Subculture’Chris Mathews (Praeger Publishing, 2009).
“…a philosophical investigation of the modern Satanic religion/ideology, engaging issues of ethics, meta-ethics, critical thinking, and philosophy of religion.”

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Robert Williams with The Gift of Perception in Los Angeles, 2008.

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