As a child, I was inspired by images of the Cyclops devouring the crew of Odysseus, of Gawain beheading the Green Knight, and then of religious martyrs broken, burned, flayed – the eyeballs of saints on platters.

A febrile mix of fantasy, horror, science fiction and comics further twisted my imagination, and Bosch, Caravaggio, Titian, van Eyck and others, expanded and refined my aesthetic development.

While my works may seem fantastical, in the sense that they superficially appear to portray the unreal, I do not consider them as such. Rather, I seek to make visible the horror that eludes the perception of the healthy and well-adjusted. There are real things at the periphery, just beyond the horizon, briefly visible at the moment of awakening, in awkward silences, in failure and despondency. My work draws upon the folly of hope, the futility of struggle against chaos, the inevitability of decay and death.

I create icons for absent gods; nativities for failed messiahs; reliquaries for worthless bits of bone. Saint Anthony is torn apart by his demons; the Crucified rots.

 .   .   .


Group Exhibitions

Woven – Cross-Cultural Multi-Medium Exhibition, 2020 Mar 7 – 28
Smokebooks, Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo

Salon International Artistique de Haute-Loire, 2018 Aug 7 – 24
Le Puy en Velay, France

Poesie und Wirklichkeit (Poetry and Reality), 2018 May 6 – 21 
Rheinhausen, Germany

Fantastic Art Show, 2017 Aug 13 – 19
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2016 April 24 – 30
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Beast, 2015 July 19 – 28
Zaroff Gallery, Hatsudai, Tokyo, Japan

Fantastic Art Show, 2015 May 3 – 9
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Chimeria Festival, 2014 Oct 18 – Nov 2
Sedan, France

Fantastic Art Show, 2014 May 4 – 10
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2013 Apr 1 – 6
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2012 Apr 30 – May 5
Salon de G, Ginza, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2012 Apr 24 – 29
Dojidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto

Miniature Art Exhibition, 2012 Feb 16 – 25
Gallery Bern Art, Osaka, Japan

Fantastic Art Show, 2011 July 11 – 16
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Oblique, 2011 Jan 24 – 30
Aoki Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2010 May 1 – 9
Yasashii Yokan Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo

Exposition L’art Fantastique, 2009 Oct 26 – 31
Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée Gallery, Paris, France

Solo Exhibitions

The Marriage at Cana, 2002 Dec 22
Royal Opera House, London (in collaboration with Jaz Coleman and Laurence Gardner)