While my works may seem fantastical, in the sense that they superficially appear to portray the unreal, I do not consider them as such. Rather, I seek to make visible the horror that, mercifully, eludes the perception of the healthy and well-adjusted. There are real things at the periphery, beyond the horizon, briefly visible at the moment of awakening, in awkward silences, in failure and despondency: the folly of hope, the futility of struggle against chaos, the inevitability of decay and death.

As a child, I was inspired by images of the Cyclops devouring the crew of Odysseus, of Gawain beheading the Green Knight, and then of religious martyrs broken, burned, flayed – the eyeballs of saints on platters.

A febrile mix of fantasy, horror, science fiction and comics further twisted my imagination, and Bosch, Caravaggio, Titian, van Eyck and others expanded and refined my aesthetic development.

I create icons for absent gods; nativities for failed messiahs; reliquaries for worthless bits of bone. Saint Anthony is torn apart by his demons; the Crucified rots.

 .   .   .


Group Exhibitions

Salon International Artistique de Haute-Loire, 2018 Aug 7 – 24
Le Puy en Velay, France

Poesie und Wirklichkeit (Poetry and Reality), 2018 May 6 – 21 
Rheinhausen, Germany

Fantastic Art Show, 2017 Aug 13 – 19
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2016 April 24 – 30
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Beast, 2015 July 19 – 28
Zaroff Gallery, Hatsudai, Tokyo, Japan

Fantastic Art Show, 2015 May 3 – 9
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Chimeria Festival, 2014 Oct 18 – Nov 2
Sedan, France

Fantastic Art Show, 2014 May 4 – 10
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2013 Apr 1 – 6
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2012 Apr 30 – May 5
Salon de G, Ginza, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2012 Apr 24 – 29
Dojidai Gallery of Art, Kyoto

Miniature Art Exhibition, 2012 Feb 16 – 25
Gallery Bern Art, Osaka, Japan

Fantastic Art Show, 2011 July 11 – 16
Kotsukaikan, Yurakucho, Tokyo

Oblique, 2011 Jan 24 – 30
Aoki Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Fantastic Art Show, 2010 May 1 – 9
Yasashii Yokan Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo

Exposition L’art Fantastique, 2009 Oct 26 – 31
Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée Gallery, Paris, France

Solo Exhibitions

The Marriage at Cana, 2002 Dec 22
Royal Opera House, London (in collaboration with Jaz Coleman and Laurence Gardner)